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Revlon Airflow Control Dryer

Small but mighty, the Airflow Control Dryer packs a punch with its unique concentrator that increases airflow speed to decrease drying time. The long and narrow concentrator is permanently attached so it never comes off (or gets lost) and rotates between 2 locked positions (vertical and horizontal).

To dry hair:

1. Comb out hair gently, separate into manageable sections and clip.

2. Pick up a small portion of hair at the roots with a brush and aim the nozzle at it.

3. Pull the brush and dryer slowly downward, keeping the hair taut.

4.Repeat until section is dry, then repeat steps 2 and 3 with another section.

5. When hair is dry, use the Cool Shot button to seal the cuticle for more shine and smoothness.

6. When drying is complete, wait for the dryer to cool before storing it. DO NOT wrap the cord around the dryer, use the hanging ring to keep the cord from tangling and wearing prematurely.


Before rotating, slide the lock button to unlock it.

1. When in the vertical position, twist the dryer head counterclockwise to make it horizontal.

2. When in the horizontal position, twist the dryer head clockwise to make it vertical. After rotating, slide the lock button to keep it in place.

WARNING: Dryer head may become hot during use. Handle with care.

Dual Position Concentrator: Directs airflow to targeted section while making hair smooth and shiny. ​Faster Drying: The long and narrow concentrator increases airflow speed and targets wider sections of hair than a regular concentrator. Total Control: Built-in concentrator rotates 90 degrees to direct air exactly where you want it. Smooth, Shiny Hair: 3X Ceramic Tourmaline Technology reduces frizz while boosting shine. ​3 Heat/2 Speed Settings: Customize the heat/speed combination to best dry your hair.