• Dry and straighten in one step: Unique vent design evenly distributes concentrated airflow while maintaining 100% of hair’s natural moisture (based on third-party testing vs. air drying in a controlled environment).

• 1.4” Ceramic plates and teeth: Help separate hair into small sections for faster, even drying and straightening. Bonus: They help boost shine and reduce damage.

• AirPause™ Technology: Activate air flow by simply squeezing the handles together, release to pause airflow.

• Six heat settings: Customize the level of heat and airspeed to fit your hair’s needs.

• Handle lock: Keeps plates together for easy storage.

To dry hair:

1. Air-dry or rough-dry hair until it’s at least 80% dry, then comb through to remove any tangles or snarls.

2. Separate hair into manageable sections.

3. Unlock the tool by rotating the control setting to the right. Start with the LOW AIR setting, then adjust to MEDIUM AIR or HIGH AIR, as desired.

4. Beginning at the roots, place a section of hair between the plates and press handles together to activate airflow.

5. Slowly slide tool to the ends.

6. Repeat until hair is fully dry.

To smooth and finish dry hair:

1. Adjust setting to AIR & HEATED PLATES or HEATED PLATES ONLY. The indicator lights will glow when the plates are ready to use. Only use styling settings on dry hair.

2. Separate hair into manageable sections.

3. Clamp hair firmly at the roots, slide tool slowly to the ends.

4. Repeat until desired look is achieved. Allow hair to cool before combing or brushing.

The newest member of the award-winning One-Step™ family, this new two-in-one dryer and straightener leaves hair feeling healthy and soft. Go from damp to straight using one tool, the One-Step™ Air Straight. Featuring unique air vents on one side and a ceramic tourmaline plate with teeth on the other side, they work together to evenly dry hair while straightening and boosting shine. New AirPause™ Technology enables you to control airflow with simply a squeeze. When you release the handles, airflow stops. Press them together and the air begins blowing. Drying is faster and more convenient when you don’t have to switch the dryer off and on as you stop to separate sections.