Salon One-Step™ Hair Dryer and Volumizer

77% of 100

The Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer is designed to deliver gorgeous volume and brilliant shine in a one step. The unique oval brush design quickly creates smooth volume at the root and beautifully full-bodied curls at the ends, for salon blowouts at home.

Original REVLON One-Step Volumizer Hot Air Brush has NEW Features

The same Brush designed with Nylon Pin & Tufted Bristles for detangling, improved volume and control. Unique Oval Brush Design for Smoothing the Hair, while the Round Edges Create Volume. 1100-Watt power provides just the right heat. Unlike conventional hair dryers, this volumizer can be placed closer to the scalp for lift. 3 Heat/Speed Settings for Styling Flexibility

Still has the Ceramic Coating which helps protect hair from over-styling with even heat distribution that penetrates hair quickly and dries from the inside out

New: Safety First: The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer meets U.S. safety requirements and proudly features the ETL Certification seal (look for the ‘test’ button on the plug which is required for all hair dryers in the U.S.) Also, look for the BLACK base which has extra VENTs for cooler operating

NOTE : The REVLON One-Step Unit is designed for 120V USA outlets ONLY. Do NOT use a Voltage Converter as it will damage the Unit. If you need 220V or for other counties – please check Amazon in the country for the correct voltage and plug

New: 4-year limited warranty. Non-detachable brush head

The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer is a designed Hot Air Brush to deliver gorgeous volume and brilliant shine in a single step. The unique oval brush design smooth hair while the rounded edges quickly create volume at the root and beautifully full-bodied curls at the ends in a single pass, for salon blowouts at home.




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157 out of 157 (100%) reviewers recommend this product


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Average Customer Ratings

157 Reviews
  • Nancy

• 337 days ago


The quality of this hair dryer is unbelievable. I dried and styled my wet, long hair in under 15 minutes and my hair was stunning. Better than any hairdresser I’ve ever gone to. Used quarters worth of Moroccan oil and john Frieda non frizz serum on ends of hair. 2-3 runs thru 8 sections of hair twisting brush for outstanding smooth curls. I looked stunning!

  • Linda

• 347 days ago

Changed Everything!

I had thought that I invented this tool in my head, and I had struggled with trying to blow my hair out with pathetic results! Then I saw this on Amazon and it was on a flash sale! Yikes! I paid less than $36.00 and when it came I hopped in the shower immediately to try it out! Advice: have your hair almost dry before you use it. Use a product that protects your hair from heat damage. Rub the product into your damp, almost dry hair. Then start with the top and pin up what you’ve blown out and keep going! You won’t believe how easy it is and how fast you can get your hair to look like you just left the salon! I’m not kidding. I’m not being paid for this review. You MUST TRY THIS!

  • Bea

• 366 days ago


Where can I buy the attachment for substitution? Thanks.

  • dosblakey

• 368 days ago

Wish it had more heads available

This is a great product. The only negative is that it needs to have additional heads available for people with shorter hair. I need one with a smaller barrel. I do like the oval shape. The additional heads could just plug in. I would buy a set.

  • Jeanne

• 371 days ago

The best hair dryer-volumizer

This is my second wand. I love that it does two jobs in one.

  • Christian

• 380 days ago

Great product while it lasts

Amazing product while it works! This is my 3rd one in 3 years!!! It works great until it starts sputtering and you think you’re going to get shocked. I bought a new one thinking I overused it (in 6 months) and the new one made the same noise after using about 10 times.

  • steph

• 381 days ago

hot air stopped working

I liked this blow dryer at first. It worked well for my curly hair. I did find it damaging but I think as I learned how to use it it was not as bad. Unfortunately, after using it several times the heat stopped working. I would purchase again but since this happened so fast after buying it I might try a different brand.

  • CrisP

• 381 days ago

Perfect for thick gray hair “Must Have”

I have had this Salon One-Step™ Hair Dryer and Volumizer for 2 years and my transition to natural gray hair was easy because of this fabulous hair dryer. My hair is thick and course, I bough my 5 daughters this same hair dryer brush and we all love it ❤️. I have worn it out but it still works. I have to buy another one but was in bad car accident, seat belt broke my sternum and broke my clavicle other serious injuries. So I can’t afford it right now but I promise i stand by this product.

  • Ro

• 384 days ago

Soooo good

Wow, I never write reviews but I used this brush for the first time this morning and I am super impressed. My hair literally looks like I came out of a salon and it was so easy to use. The heat was perfect. I'd read that it was noisy but it's quieter than my regular hair dryer. I would recommend this product in a heart beat. Worth every penny! Thanks Revlon!! :)

  • MJ

• 393 days ago

No accessories available

Works great. Since the barrel brush is removable, I was expecting to be able to buy accessories, like root brush or curling iron (Dyson style) but it doesn't seem to be available.

  • Cookie

• 448 days ago


I got this as a gift and I'm absolutely in love with this product! I can never style my hair and it always looks frizzy and if I straighten it then it looks too flat. This product is basically dummy proof and you come out looking like you just left the salon. First day I went to work after using it, I got 6 compliments before lunchtime! The only thing you have to remember is make sure you twirl it as you go through your hair, that's what gives it that salon blown out look in like 15 minutes. But seriously this is product is worth way more than $60-$70. I would be pay at least $250 because it's that good. Trust me!!

  • Paula

• 515 days ago

I can't live without it!

I have curly long hair that I have spent 40 years trying to get smooth, healthy, lush and shiny hair and this brush is the answer. I've been using it for almost a year. This should be in the hand of every hair stylist on earth! I literally only use my blow dryer when I'm using my diffuser on days when I want to leave it curly. I have no need for it other than for that. This is the best thing I've bought in years! I will never go without it! Thank you Revlon this is amazing!

  • Roxana

• 523 days ago

The Best

I loved it

  • Blond1melody

• 568 days ago

Brush dryer

I bought this dryer after my stylist used it to calm the curl down. This is a super HOT tool. I'm talking heat. It burnes your skin. No way to turn heat down. I was using it at home. Maybe the 5th time. It set my fire alarm off! I love the outcome of my hair, but really concerned about the brush catching fire!

  • Roro

• 581 days ago

Best blow dryer ever

Love this product I take it everywhere , where can I find a hard case cover to protect the bristles from becoming damaged .If revlon doesn’t have you should manufacture them .

  • DB3

• 590 days ago

Best my hair has ever been!

My sister-in-law had this dryer/brush & I used it while visiting. Immediately bought one when I got home. I have never been able to make my hair look like I've had a great blow-out, until now. I will never go back to a regular hair dryer.

  • phyllidots

• 593 days ago

Best styler/volumizer I've ever owned

I normally wear my hair in a short bob; however, my hair is very fine and straight. I was hard to get any volume or lift until I got this Revlon Styler. Now, I look like I've been to see my stylist every day because I can add the volume at home and get the professional look that I love!

  • U _ gotta _have_it

• 598 days ago


I hope someone told me before about this miracle hairdryer. I saw this dryer and I said to myself Oh gee, another gadget to waste money. But I was curious, I bought and it was in my closet for almost a month without being opened. I was going to wedding and my hair has been natural for the 7 years. I said let give this a try before, so if I am not satisfy I get to return it. I am blown away by the performance of this dryer. I told family members " U gotta have it" who also had been in that natural journey with me. I love it Revlon.

  • Beth

• 601 days ago

Awful hair dryer and customer service was worse!!

I bought this product in March. It broke in August. I contacted customer service and exchanged multiple emails. They requested contact information, pictures of the product and model number. I happily supplied them with all. They then came back and asked me to cut the cord of the hairdryer and send a picture. Once I complied to this request they informed me that they do not cover this product. Why go through all these steps. Tell me after the first picture. Absolutely horrible! DO NOT PURCHASE THIS OR ANY OTHER REVLON PRODUCT!

  • Carkadoodle

• 616 days ago

Up in Flames

About a month into using this tool, the motor slowed, sparked, then caught on fire. There isn't much more to say about it. Thankfully my hair was not damaged.

  • Daisy

• 635 days ago

game changer

I really love this tool, is easy to use and is not heavy at all. I have a lor of hair, is long and curly as well and with this tool I only take 15 minutes to dry it and if I want to take my time with it 30 or 35 minutes and I don't even use the iron to make it straights. i have been using it for 1 year once a week and my hair is really healthy, shinny and strong.

  • Mary

• 637 days ago


Awesome product Ordered on prime day 2022 and arrived on Sunday so far I’m loving the product

  • Jannifer

• 645 days ago

Breakage from this! Toss away

I have only been using this for my hair for a couple of months, at first it wasn’t noticeable. Then my left side of my hair is all broken off. I use heat protection, k18 once every 2 weeks and my hair hasn’t been colored an over a year and half. Monthly trims too.

  • Steph

• 664 days ago

Stop working after 1 month!!!!

I bought this hair dryer back in April. I thought it was so great and after about 5 weeks it just stopped and won’t turn back on! So disappointing and a waist of money!!!!

  • KaySu

• 690 days ago

Magical Brush

Where has this been my whole life. My friends ask me why I’m still flat ironing my hair. I asked what they do and they both have this brush. I immediately bought it and tried it out and oh my gosh! I have very thick wavy/curlyish hair and this just did in 15 minutes what my hair dryer and Chi flat iron do in 40 minutes!! Wow! I’m so impressed. I was worried it would be too big because my hair is shorter right now, but it worked great. My hair is straight and I am not burning my hair like I do with my flat iron. Way to go Revlon! I’m sorry I’m late to the party!

  • KaySu

• 690 days ago

Magical Brush

Where has this been my whole life. My friends ask me why I’m still flat ironing my hair. I asked what they do and they both have this brush. I immediately bought it and tried it out and oh my gosh! I have very thick wavy/curlyish hair and this just did in 15 minutes what my hair dryer and Chi flat iron do in 40 minutes!! Wow! I’m so impressed. I was worried it would be too big because my hair is shorter right now, but it worked great. My hair is straight and I am not burning my hair like I do with my flat iron. Way to go Revlon! I’m sorry I’m late to the party!

  • Lin

• 691 days ago

The Best

Love this brush. Fast, easy makes your hair,, shiny and full of volume. And easy to style your way. Love love love it. You will not be disappointed.

  • Regular client

• 692 days ago

[email protected]

I bought an electric brush and hair dryer, it stopped working after 6 months. Disappointed!

  • Sk

• 694 days ago

Both broke after a month

Absolutely love this dryer. After my first one broke so quickly i bought a second one and it also did the same thing and stopped working. It started to blow only old air both after a month or so!

  • Sk

• 694 days ago

Both broke after a month

Absolutely love this dryer. After my first one broke so quickly i bought a second one and it also did the same thing and stopped working. It started to blow only old air both after a month or so!

  • Laret

• 706 days ago


Let me start off by saying, I barely ever do my hair. It takes way too long to dry and then to style - a mom bun it is. I received this product as a gift. I was skeptical. But boy was I wrong. My hair took literally 15min to not only dry but style at the same time. I am so happy to find a product that allows me to feel feminine whilst saving me sooooo much time and effort.

  • Shirley

• 707 days ago

Love it BUT

Absolutely do love it BUT wish the handle wasn’t so bulky difficult to get a grip on it. Also I would like to get some curls but it only straightens it. Is there a smaller brush? I have medium length hair to the shoulder

  • Sunny

• 710 days ago

I have a question is it boar bristles?

Is it made boar ?

  • Ivy20051

• 715 days ago

The Best Hair Dryer Ever

I have been through a few hair dryers and this dryer is at the top of the line in straightening my hair.It is definitely worth every dime spent. I absolutely love it!

  • Anita

• 723 days ago

Needs Improvements

After seen ads for this styler, I thought I'd found an answer for shortening the time spent on hair care. Less than a year after purchase, the bristles have softened and no longer able to perform as promised. The cool setting is as hot as the hot setting. Very disappointing! Revlon used to be an icon in the beauty industry but has gone down in standing behind their products and their products aren't as good as they used to be.

  • Bee

• 727 days ago

Great Idea but...

I wanted to like this so much. PROS: One appliance to style, no need for a brush and a dryer. Lightweight and fast. Great for travel. CONS: oval brush, I get better volume with my round brush. Handle too slick, hard to hold on to, needs to be more grippy. Too fat at base making it hard to hold and making my wrist hurt from awkward position because also too slick. Way too loud on high--needed to wear ear plugs because of high ear piercing noise. Arg.....so wanted to like this!

  • Raven

• 729 days ago

Maybe I got a defect?

I got this because I suck at doing my hair lol. So I was excited to see if it was worth the hype. Initially I loved it (except for how hot it seemed to get). After a few uses I kept smelling something burning and it was my hair! I believe the brush got too hot and melted a bit and my hair happened to be there. It also would spark from the heat and make a weird vacuum sound. And I kept using it thinking it was user error or something; until yesterday morning. I was drying my damp hair when I heard it make a really scary sound like it was dying or like an animal was dying. Needless to say I won't be buying it again to replace the one that tried to eat my hair. I will spend a bit more on one that isn't a fire hazard.

  • Mrs.Lp

• 729 days ago

Does not last!

The initial buy was good, price was good, worked great, then only after a month it stopped heating, still blows air, but not as it's supposed to.

  • Kate

• 730 days ago

Started sparking

I’ve had less than two years, and it started sparking in outlet. For price it should last longer than 2 years

  • BB

• 730 days ago

not worth it

I got mine for Easter today from a family member and as I was using it, it sparked and almost caught my hair on fire. this is a health risk and shouldn't be bought

  • PJN

• 734 days ago

Had 2 years

I have had this product 2 years, use it maybe twice a week. Started over heating so bad, burnt my fingers and damaged my hair.

  • Dee

• 738 days ago

[email protected]

Turned on and within 30 secs it shut off handle got hot and started smoking

  • Sandy

• 739 days ago

One step hair dryer

This is a one step hair dryer, for sure, but a smaller size would be great for shorter and shoulder length hair. Maybe even round. Love the bristles for they don’t tangle my hair. Please come out with a sister version.

  • Amber

• 741 days ago

Loved it until it almost caught fire

I loved this brush and had used it about once a week for six months, it worked super well and left my hair less frizzy. However, I went to use it the other day and there was a terrible smell and a pop sound and it started smoking and almost caught fire. Very scary, as it has only been used as recommended.

  • Susie Q

• 742 days ago

Not better than the original

I received my new volumnizer drier today. I put the brush attachment on, and now it won’t come off. There are no good directions for removing the attachment. HELP!!

  • Rachel

• 743 days ago

Don’t do it to ur hair!!!

I’ve been using this blow dryer tool for about 5 months now and it makes my hair fall at straight from the ROOT!!! I’ve lost so much hair because of this thing. I’ve gone through everything i put in my hair and have come to the conclusion along w other info given to me from the salon i work at, this is what’s doing it! I hate it cause i love how it makes my hair look but it damages it so much and i loose so much hair whenever i shower, brush it or even just rub my fingers through it!! If there was a way i could take “legal” action i 100% would i am so insecure about my hair now:(

  • carmen_v82

• 744 days ago

Incredible Product

This is the best invention ever. A blower and a brush in one!!! I can't believe that I am now ditching my very costly hair salon visits for a blowdry and am actually doing my hair myself with this amazing blower brush!!! AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!!! I can not stop talking or recommending it. Will never go without it as long as I live.

  • honest

• 748 days ago


the original from a couple of years ago is wonderful!!! but, they are not making it anymore. they say it is new and improved, but, IT IS WORSE THEN EVER, MORE CHEAPER MADE AND DOESNT WORK !! THE old one was hotter and the brush was better and you can control it better and it the hair was ddry and straight in a matter of minutes and stayed straight for days, this new update one looks the same but, DONT BE FOOLED, IT DOESNT STRAIGHTEN, TAKES TOO LONG TO DRY, AND YOUR HAIR LOOKS AWFUL, JUST TERRRIBLE. they should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES. HORRIBEL PRODUCT NOW. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME . THEY SHOULD HAVE LEFT IT THE SAME!

  • Roxanna

• 751 days ago

Simply Love it

My sister in law recommended it. I got it last weekend and simply love it. 10 minutes and my hair is dried, styled without any fuss. Having thick curly hair, stylist at the salon always complained and I was never happy with the results after paying for the service.

  • Jackie

• 753 days ago

Revlon one step

I can honestly say this is the best hairdryer I have ever had , the shape of it is ideal , I have shoulder length hair and it takes me 15minutes to style my hair just right , I can definately recommend this .

  • Lanabell

• 753 days ago

Almost blew up mid styling

I’ve had my brush coming up on two years. I’m been trying to let my hair air dry lately so I hadn’t used the dryer in about a month. Today I needed my hair done quick so I used it, got about 2/3 done and it got super hot, smelled terrible and then made a weird sound. I turned it off and waited a few minutes to see if it would come back on normal, nope, same high pitched sound with no air coming out. Pretty annoying as it should last longer. I’ve used it less than 50 times and always keep it as clean as possible. Now I’m stuck with half dried hair needing to go out, in Canada where it’s cold!

  • Tara

• 757 days ago

Awesome Volume!

I used to use a bulky hair dryer and round brush to give my hair a little lift. But now that I'm using the One-Step Volumizer it takes so much less time and effort to get better results. My hair has body, shine and my style lasts all throughout the day, even when I don't use a lot of product.

  • Amy

• 776 days ago

Love it!!

I will not be using my straightener as often any more! This tool helps straighten, brush, and add volume to my already fine hair. I tried each setting and was satisfied with my results! Only need a straightener to flatten the stray baby hairs sneaking through the top of my head or hair. I would recommend this!

  • Damarys

• 777 days ago

Absolutely Awesome

This is the best hair dryer l have ever had and my hair looks amazing. makes me feel like i had a professional blow out. It's lightweight, easy to handle and fast drying.

  • J

• 782 days ago

Not for thin hair

This is not made for thin hair. My dryer was full of my hair after three uses and was breaking off my hair. It did not add any curl at the bottom and left my hair very straight which was not my goal. Can’t use it.

  • Monanshi

• 785 days ago


best product, love it . This has made my life super easy.

  • CRB

• 791 days ago


Amazing styler Absolutely love it!!

  • Joann

• 792 days ago


10/10 easy to use works great and fast when you’re in a hurry ! My new fav styler

  • ml

• 804 days ago


Mine literally caught on fire… other than that great product.

  • Silvia

• 804 days ago

[email protected]

My bristles melted and bristles fell off. Not happy with this product I have pictures, trying to upload but not able.

  • Janet

• 810 days ago

Not worth the money

I purchased this item twice. Once from Amazon and the motor burnt out after 6 uses. I purchased a second one from Wal-Mart and the same thing happened again. I am trying to contact the customer service at Revlon but it seems it's non -existent. I found out that there was a recall on this item because the motor burns out quickly and can cause serious burns. Stoll waiting for someone to contact me vack after several emails being sent. I DO NOT recommend this item.

  • TV

• 813 days ago

Pleasantly Surprised

I never blow dry my hair but this product kinda has me addicted. It gives salon quality results in under 10 minutes of dry time with little to no frizz/flyaways. I received tons of compliments asking where I got my hair done! Well done Revlon. This is certainly a star product.

  • Calliope485

• 818 days ago


I only occasionally used this dryer, like when I was going out somewhere nice, and I loved how it worked. However, after only a year the little colored tips on the bristles are falling off, and it doesn’t feel so good on your head without them

  • Jill

• 818 days ago

Does not last long

Although this product cuts down a lot of time in the mornings and I love the way it does my hair, it does not last!! I’ve been through 5 in the last 2 years. I’m done. I’ve bought hairdryers that I’ve had for 15 years that still work like new. I do not recommend unless you plan on spending $60 every 4 months.

  • Lisa

• 824 days ago

Great product!

Purchased to take on a trip. It is easy to use, not hard on your hands. It isn't heavy or awkward like some. Dries my hair very quickly and add so much volume. Perfect for everyday use.

  • Lmtcolleen

• 829 days ago

No More Frizz!!!!!

I watched a video of a hairdresser comparing this Revlon Salon One-Step Dryer & Volumizer with a much more expensive but similar styled dryer. Finished hair results were the same. Using a regular hair dryer and holding a brush to blow out my hair, I always had frizzy ends result. This hair dryer is AMAZING!!!!!!! It quickly dries and styles my hair and I look like I just walked out of the salon. No frizz. Dryer leaves hair Silky and smooth, with a nice shine as well. What could be better than that!!!! I highly recommend this purchase.

  • Jess

• 832 days ago


Finally one tool to do two jobs at once!!! If you use a brush plus a blow dryer to do your hair, you’ll understand why I highly recommend this for you guys! It’s easy and not as heavy as I thought it would be (By the looks of this gigantic brush in the picture). I have very bad wrists and suffer very easily within 2 minutes of doing my hair. However thanks to this product, it’ takes less time and less awkwardness to get the job done! If you haven’t bought this as of yet, you’re missing out! Thank you Revlon for making my life easier once again!!!

  • Imomma2

• 832 days ago

Changed my life!!

I have long, thick hair. I have never been able to give myself a blowout. I thought I'd give this product a try before giving up. For the record, I HATE blow drying my hair. I usually let it air dry then straighten it. This product will change my life. It is easy to use, it dries my long hair super fast, and it gives my hair a lot of bounce and body. After I was done. I didn't even have to pull out my straightener!! This tool also perfectly took care of my huge cowlicks in the front of my hair, and did so way better than a straightener. I'm in love. For the cheap price, this is amazing. Thank you!!

  • Kelly

• 835 days ago


I love it, I have long hair and it didn't take long to dry it and it feels amazing.

  • shores

• 840 days ago

a bust

i have long hair and this hasn’t done anything for me i’ve watched so many tutorials trying to see if i was doing it wrong don’t suggest for long hair.

  • Teri

• 849 days ago

Revlon One Step Volumizer Plus

OH. MY. GOD! This product is amazing! I will never blow dry my hair again! I have kinky, curly hair and it took all of 5 minutes to dry and style. Whenever I blow-dry my hair, I always looked like Rosanna- Rosanna Danna from SNL LOL. This Revlon one-step volumizer plus is well worth the $$. ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Ethanby

• 852 days ago



  • Amber

• 852 days ago

Amazing Product

I have medium length, layered hair. This product gave me just enough volume and control over my style. It is a smidge expensive to me but I am in love!

  • Does not last

• 854 days ago

Poor quality

Purchased this item end of September. By early December same year no longer blows hot/ warm air. Will determine manufacturers warranty. I do not recommend this product.

  • Amanda

• 854 days ago


Unfortunately I bought this item and it does not hold up to usage. the bristles have become flat against the rod. They no longer protrude out like a normal hairbrush. The handle also gets extremely hot to the point you can't or don't want to hold it for fear of it burning your hand. I have had this dryer for less than 2 months. I would not waste my money. this by far is a very generic item and from Revlon I am actually disappointed.

  • Beachbabe

• 866 days ago

I’m 66 and this is the “Best” hair tool ever!!!!

No more blow dryer/flat iron!!! This does it all!!! I have thick shoulder length hair and it is naturally curly. I did let it air dry a little first. I used the low setting and in less than 10 minutes my hair looked like I went to the salon, No frizz. nice and smooth!!! Saved me 10 minutes of my time!!! Unbelievable how great this brush/dryer worked! No more taking a hair dryer and flat iron when traveling. Hairdressers should buy this! Worth every penny!!!

  • Winter Park Toni

• 867 days ago

[email protected]

Fabulous Hair dryer. It will blow dry curly thick hair in about 20 minutes or less.I love that my hair looks Amazing and straight The only negative things are its Extremely loud use ear plugs. It's a little bit heavy and I'm a professional hairstylist so be forewarned. Yes I recommend it

  • Kiy

• 868 days ago

Smooth and easy

This was so amazing it’s not like other products no snagging I have black hair so it was awesome not exaggerating it usually takes me so long with the classic hair dryer and I love the all over coverage and not just a circle at the tip. I could straighten and dry all the area I parted without having to double over or move the hair dryer to other pieces. Also the finale was using it on my hair all together without parting it. It was like a really nice comb it got to the roots and everything. It also didn’t burn my ends dry them out or make nots so cool!

  • PL

• 879 days ago

Bristles fall around 12 months and you have to pay to get a replacement

I bought this product in October 2020 from REVLON store on Amazon. I used it lightly as I most of the time let my hair dry with air. I used it max 2-3 times a week. After 10 months I noticed broken bristles on my bathroom floor. After 14 months there are few bristles left and the product is not usable. REVLON asks me to ship the product all postages paid to Texas (long distance posta fee for me) and also uncle 6 dollars then maybe I’ll get a refund or replacement. The new product costs on Amazon for 35 dollars and this shipping will cost me almost as much!! They make it so difficult that the return of asking for refund is almost not worth it and with that they squeeze the customers despite the fact that the product has a manufacturing material mistak and the bristles material is not handling the light usage. This is unacceptable and SHAME on REVLON for this scam.

  • LauraD

• 893 days ago

Smooth and Shiny Results

I love love the outcome of this dryer. It takes my thick coarse curly hair and makes it smooth wavy and shiny. I do have 2 issues though. The tips on the bristles tend to melt and the switch is hard to change from cool- low-high while using. I don’t know if it has become more difficult as the brush becomes older (I have had mine about 2 years), if it was always this way, or my hands are not as dexterous as they used to be, but it has become a frustrating issue for me. Ideally you want to start on high or low and switch to cool without dropping the hair but this is becoming harder and harder to do as the switch will not move gently through the process.

  • Lisa

• 895 days ago


I have thin curly fly away hair that was very hard work to straighten but at the same time not have flat hair , my daughter bought me this hair dryer . It is the best thing she has ever bought me, it’s so much easier to dry , it’s bouncy healthier looking, and I hardly ever have to use straightness any more , will always use this hair dryer.

  • Cara

• 914 days ago

[email protected]

I loved this product so much for the first year...Now all the bristles on the brush have been falling out or bent so that they are no longer sticking out. Now I cant use it :(

  • Lm8

• 916 days ago

[email protected]

I love this product the only complaint I have is that it doesn't have any storage shield to protect the bristles when you have it put away. I love how fast my hair gets brushed, dried, and voluminous. Literally makes my life so much easier and mornings faster.

  • Claire

• 923 days ago

Love it!!!

I just bought this at Target looking for something to curl my thick, frizzy hair. I’ve had it for about a week and I love it. I watched videos on YouTube to learn how to use it. It is very easy to use and you get great results. I will recommend it to everyone.

  • Amanda

• 924 days ago

Mine Blew Up!

I have probably only use the tool 10 times. Today I plugged it into the same outlet as I always use and 3 minutes into styling it blew up. As in flames coming out of the bottom and sparks flying! Be carful!

  • RoseOG

• 924 days ago

Love it!

Best hair tool there is. It is now soo quick and easy to straighten my very thick and frizzy hair. Salon blow wave at home. Love it.


• 926 days ago

[email protected]


  • Tani

• 938 days ago

Fantastic product and fantastic customer service

I love this product. Every woman should have one of these. works like a charm to reduce the frizz and the end result is salon styled hair at home. I am in love with this prodcut. My product however stopped heating after a couple of months of use. I contacted the customer services and they were very quick to respond and very quick to give me a fix and send a replacement. I would highly recommend this product.

  • dy117

• 942 days ago


when i first bought the one step dryer i thought it was amazing!! a few short months after using it i have SO MUCH breakage that my hair was so many different layers and i had to unfortunately chop it. my hair has completely thinned out. there is no heat control

  • Cloe

• 955 days ago

Falling Apart After Only 1 Year

I love this blowdryer brush it completely changed the game of how I do my hair and my hair can look so amazing so easily. I purchased this brush almost 1 year ago on September 19th, 2020. However, over the past month the brush has started falling apart. The bristles are falling out into my hair as I blow dry it and bending in all different directions and it is basically unusable now. I am curious if there is some kind of warranty since it is not even 1 year old yet?

  • Steph

• 958 days ago

POOR!! Motor burns out after 12 months!!

It was great for the first 8 months of using this about 3 times a week, now it only lasts about a minute before the motor burns out. Ive sent Revlon my invoice asking for a replacement as it should last for more than 1 year for the price, esp in Aussie dollars! Awaiting my reply Revlon, Customer enquiry on your website has been emailed/sent: #210902-000012.

  • Jules

• 972 days ago

It died

Got mine in March of this year. Used only a handful of time because of breakage. Turned it on this morning and it died after 3 minutes. Won’t turn back on. So yeah. Not too happy.

  • Cat

• 972 days ago

Stopped working for no reason

I love the idea and it works great. I use it about 2-3 times a week on my hair. It suddenly stopped working. I’ve had the same blow dryer for 10+ years before this for half the price. Pretty disappointed that it doesn’t last very long and a common complaint reading other reviews.

  • Bear97

• 974 days ago

It’s a good product but…

It’s a good product but it’s too big to style or curl hair I would like to see how much the heat is on my hair like a digital setting you can see the numbers. Wen I would like to see a smaller brush head to make it easier to style and maybe a blow dryer dedicated to thing hair people I don’t want any more damage then my hair already has thanks

  • Star

• 979 days ago

[email protected]

A game changer! This two in one combo is amazing!

  • Jen

• 983 days ago

Works great, but not for long!

I absolutely loved this blowout brush until it stopped blowing hot air. I’ve only had it for 9 months and it’s already not working. How sad is that! Frustrating, it couldn’t even last 1 year?

  • linrod76

• 985 days ago

Enjoyed it while it lasted

I really liked the brush but it stopped working after maybe 10 uses.

  • Deet

• 991 days ago

This is GOLD

I’d read the hype prepandemic… the came lockdown and I figured I wouldn’t need it so I left it in the store. Monday of this week I saw it was on sale at Costco for about $35 and so I picked it up. Let me just tell you that THIS is the hair tool you had no idea how badly you need. This thing is gold. Washed, conditioned, salon quality dried and beautified within 25 minutes from the time I entered the shower!!! Don’t wait! You NEED this!

  • Deet

• 991 days ago

This is GOLD

I’d read the hype prepandemic… the came lockdown and I figured I wouldn’t need it so I left it in the store. Monday of this week I saw it was on sale at Costco for about $35 and so I picked it up. Let me just tell you that THIS is the hair tool you had no idea how badly you need. This thing is gold. Washed, conditioned, salon quality dried and beautified within 25 minutes from the time I entered the shower!!! Don’t wait! You NEED this!

  • Patty

• 993 days ago

Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

I purchased my Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer from Amazon.com after reading all the great review for this hair dryer. I have had it for a week now and love it. My hair has lots of body and is easy to style after using this dryer. It is not heavy and even easy to use on the back of my bob hair style. I highly recommend this appliance and know you will be happy too!

  • Tina

• 995 days ago

I’m in love!

My boyfriend bought me this dryer on sale at Costco. I had just returned one off Amazon and was very skeptical. I have very thick long hair with bangs. My bangs turned out great with a nice bump and my hair (including the roots!!) got dry very quickly and it left my hair soft and straight. I love this thing!!

  • Marf64

• 1002 days ago

Amazing Dryer/Styler

Just received my product today! I just had to give it a try! I have shoulder length hair and frizzes easy. I used the dryer and it took out the frizz and it took half the time it would normal take to dry and style my hair! My hair looks like a professional hair stylist done it! My grandson thought I had went to a stylist. I am disappointed in the location of the speeds dial on the bottom of the handle. I had to stop styling to change the setting. The cool setting is a to hot to set my style. I will continue to try to get use the setting knob which is easier than using a brush and a hairdryer! Did a beautiful job to tame my frizzies!

  • Kelli

• 1003 days ago

[email protected]

I love this tool. However I do think you should consider making one with a smaller barrel for shorter hair. This way you can compete the L'ange. I have an angled bob and while this product works.... I could also seeing the smaller barrel being an even better option for me to get the volume.

  • MKB316

• 1008 days ago

The Best

I have had a few of these and I have to admit the Revlon is better than some of the more expensive ones I have tried.

  • Beth

• 1010 days ago

[email protected]

I loved this product. AT FIRST. I have now had 2 and BOTH have not lasted more than 6 mos. It has short circuited on both and burned my hair. Neither one is working, I highly doubt I will buy this product again. For now I have wasted $$ on 2.

  • Sisca

• 1013 days ago


When I first bought this brush I was completely blown away. I have very thin hair and flat, this brush gave me so much volume but after 6 months it stopped blowing hot air and is now only blowing cold

  • Sara M

• 1017 days ago

2 year and needs replaced

I only wash my hair every 5 days, at first I loved this product. Two years later all the plastic bristles have broken off and now I need to replace this dryer. Not sure I will stick with this brand or go with Amika

  • QaTesting

• 1021 days ago

Shine Booster Hair Dryer

Nice Product for Hair dryer

  • Denny

• 1025 days ago

Straight Hair Only

I was hopeful my purchase with my purchase that I would get fullness and volume in my chin-length hair. The dryer is a nice quality although slightly awkward to use. In my case I didn’t get volume. I got straight hair that looks nice if that was what I wanted. I need a little volume in it which this did not do for me. I will give it another try but I do wish I could return it.

  • Ps

• 1027 days ago

[email protected]

I don't know it's not working very well for me. It leaves a good effect immediately after, but my hair goes back to its 'undone' self pretty quickly. I never had this problem with a regular blow dryer & brush

  • Punkie

• 1027 days ago

Works well, doesn't flatten hair

Only had this 1 week but like that it quickly dries hair without frizz. The brush is a bit heavy and unweldly

  • Harish

• 1035 days ago

Shine Booster Hair Dryer

Nice Product for Hair dryer

  • Zuritah12

• 1035 days ago

Doesn’t Last

I purchased this hair tool in January and have used it for a total of 10 times. The bristles melted. Super hard to clean. It worked really well the first use and I was excited to continue to use it. Too bad the product lasted for a total of ten uses.

  • Ki

• 1038 days ago


I love this hot air brush !!! I definitely would love if revlon made a smaller brush so it could create more of a curl that lasts !

  • Diana M.

• 1039 days ago

[email protected]

Amazing hair tool! I have long, wavy hair and this hair tool styles my hair perfectly. Looks like i just walked out of a hair salon :)

  • Vicky

• 1044 days ago


This is a great product, although it is a bit on the more expensive side, its totally worth it!!it made my hair look like i just got a blowout done at the salon!

  • Mitchie73

• 1046 days ago


I absolutely LOVED this blow-dryer!! Was a game changer for my fine, thin hair. Bought my first one in September and instantly fell in love! Until it started smoking in December and the temp regulator wouldn't change off of super hot. I thought maybe I got a dud and immediately went and got another. I couldn't find my receipt, so I just bought one because I liked it that much! Well here I am not six months later....in the middle of blow drying my hair and black smoke starts coming out. I immediately unplugged it. Went back a few days later in hopes that maybe it was some hair that got inside and burnt. NOPE!! Won't even turn on. Absolute garbage. I've wasted well over $100. 9 months and 2 hair dryers later I am left sitting her with wet hair and no dryer. Don't waste your money.

  • Stephanie

• 1049 days ago

[email protected]

Love it! I have thick mid length hair. Makes it soft & shiny. I use to have a problem with brushes getting stuck in my hair. Not this one. I would buy again.

  • Madeline

• 1052 days ago

THREE Have Died On Me

I have now bought THREE Revlon one-step dryers and now all three have died on me. I love this dryer and the way it makes my hair look, but I am beyond disappointed that yet another one has gone dead. I don’t understand why it keeps happening as I do not use this daily, just occasionally when I am dressing up. It did give my hair great volume and was very easy to use, but I cannot justify buying it for a fourth time.

  • c

• 1054 days ago

Broke after three uses

I bought this hairdryer about five weeks ago, and since then I've only used it a handful of times. A week ago, it made a spark while I was using it, and since then it hasn't heated up at all when I turned it back on - I think that the heating element must have shorted out. I was so disappointed, especially since I was using it in a totally normal way. I hope there is some way that I can get a replacement, but we will see I guess.

  • Diana

• 1062 days ago

Salon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer

It was really bad from the first time of using was burning, my hair burning also I feel very very bas about !!!!!

  • Hairpagan

• 1064 days ago

Professional Review

As a licensed professional I was eyeing this for myself but had gotten it as a gift which I was so excited to try. My hair is long, medium thickness, wavy, frizzy and I wanted something to blowout my hair pretty quickly. I loved how fast it was to dry my hair although I made sure my hair was almost dry. And it gave my hair some body and bounce and a good blowout like I usually like to give my clients. But I notice the bristles aren't of good quality since they look miss sharpen after only one use! I'm not sure how the durability will hold up with my long hair. Even though this is personal use and definitely not professional salon use, I'll shall see how it goes...but it doesn't look too good.

  • Kay

• 1067 days ago

Quick and easy

Like the fact that it dries hair quickly and also fluffs and curls at the same time.

  • Sarah

• 1185 days ago


My hair is naturally wavy/curly & just above my shoulders so I’ve always had to blow dry then use flat iron which would take about an hour or a little more to complete. This tool has shorted my time down to 30mins at most & I am so super impressed at how shiny & soft my hair is too! TOTALLY worth the investment!!!

  • Carla

• 1187 days ago

Four Minutes and done!

I got this for Christmas and absolutely LOVE it! My hair goes from toweled wet to out the door ready in less FOUR minutes! No added product, no other tools, just blow and go! My hair looks and feels silky smooth and I’ve gotten so many compliments just in the last few weeks. Total game changer I wish I knew about long ago!

  • JHerrod

• 1189 days ago

Exactly what I needed

This dryer is nothing short of amazing! I have dexterity and other issues with my hand so the wide handle just what I need. The dryer is lightweight but heavy enough to handle easily. If my dryer broke I would go buy another one immediately. It was a gift from a friend and I could not be more satisfied. I have been doing hair for over 10 years and plan on getting another one to use on my clients.

  • Makaila

• 1190 days ago


I have very thin curly, poofy, frizzy hair. I can only use a select few flat irons that will work on my hair and straighten it and also take the poof away. I hated blow-drying my hair due to it only making it poofy and hard to Brush and it and then having to straighten it also. It took up a lot of time. This took me maybe 15 minutes if that. I literally just brushed my hair like normal and boom it was dry and straight. I honestly was worried that the brush would pull my hair and that's a non-issue it works better than my regular hair brush!

  • TeeDee

• 1190 days ago

Love, Love, Love

What used to take me at least 1hour to complete my hair has now been reduced to 15 minutes and my hair looks like a professional did it. My hairdresser recommended this hair dryer to me as l was complaining how l had to use a blow dryer. a flat iron and then a curling iron in order to have a good hair day. No more, now l get a professional look from this one tool. I get so many compliments on my hair that people usually asked if l just got my hair done by a hairdresser. This is the best hair dryer l have ever had and my hair looks so much healthier now that l don’t have to use 3 heat tools. I recommend this blow dryer to everyone l know. Thank you Revlon!

  • KiKi

• 1193 days ago


I am amazed!! I have extremely curly kinky hair and this tool blow dried my hair like a champ...literally!! Within a few brush strokes through each part of my hair, my hair was done. Time wise, it cut off about 20 minutes from how I originally do it with a standard blow dryer. Great tool, highly recommend.

  • Kerrylynn

• 1195 days ago

Love! Love! Love!

I have thin medium length hair and the ease to use and the VOLUME!!!! Best hair tool ever used and I’m never going to be without

  • Patty cake

• 1198 days ago

Awesome dryer and volumizer

I have fine thin hair. My hair dries in less than five minutes and adds great volume. It is awesome.

  • Sandy

• 1199 days ago


Best product ever ❤️

  • Justine

• 1200 days ago

Game Changer!

This is AMAZING ! Especially if you're someone like me who cannot seem to figure out how to use a round brush and use the blow dryer at the same time (lol) It makes me feel like I just had a professional blow out with zero effort. Also. If you have a husband like mine who has a big beard..this works like a charm to smooth and keep it under control.

  • Justine

• 1200 days ago

Game Changer!

This is AMAZING ! Especially if you're someone like me who cannot seem to figure out how to use a round brush and use the blow dryer at the same time (lol) It makes me feel like I just had a professional blow out with zero effort. Also. If you have a husband like mine who has a big beard..this works like a charm to smooth and keep it under control.

  • Lace

• 1200 days ago

Wow so fast

So I received this as a Christmas gift I’ve use it a few time and wow

  • Fergie68

• 1201 days ago


This is an amazing product! I’ve been using a blow brush ,but this is so....... fast!

  • JB

• 1203 days ago

[email protected]

Best blow out for gray hair ! Takes all frizz away and makes gray look healthy and shiny. Reasonable price, great quality, and so far BEST value. Run don't walk online and get this amazing dryer!

  • Love4beauty123

• 1203 days ago


Hi! I have super curly hair that remains a crazy mess. My hair feels nasty after I straighten it and I hit my done point. I’ve seen amazing things about this product everywhere so I decided to give it a try. My hair is SOFT and looks incredible. Like I have short hair and it looks like I walked out of my salon. Seriously. Amazing investment and also has cool settings on the brush to prevent heat damage while getting that blow out salon quality.

  • Pam

• 1205 days ago

Excellent Product/Excellent Results

I LOVE the Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer. I have waist length, thick hair and this product is a dream come true. Before using this product I spent a great deal of time each day drying & styling my hair. What a time saver this product is. Takes me approximately 15-20 minutes in total, including drying & styling, which I never thought possible. I love how I'm able to create the same look using this product that my hairdresser creates in the salon, which I was unable to recreate until I got this dryer & volumizer combo. It straightens my hair with ease, with no frizz, and allows me to create the volume that I love which I couldn't achieve with a regular hair dryer & flat iron. If you are on the fence about whether or not this product is right for you, I highly encourage you to take the plunge and purchase it immediately. I have recommended it to all my friends and family. You won’t regret it!!

  • Mlesswing

• 1206 days ago


I received this as a Christmas gift. I was hesitant to try it, as I envisioned my.hair tangling while blowing all around, and I had a hairdryer and brush routine gave me ok results. I decided to give.it a try and.WOW! It was easy and effortless. My.hair is dry, smooth, shiny, and.just beautiful! All in 10 minutes! It is a little big to grip with your hand, but not unmanageable. I think if it was.slightly.rounder, I could achieve better curls/waves at my ends, but I maybe with a few more uses, I will be able to achieve it. I am already planning on.buying at least 2 more to give as gifts. If you are contemplating purchasing this, do yourself a favor and buy it.

  • SANDY Vinson

• 1206 days ago

My Holy Grail

First of all.... WOW!!!! In my 30 years of having different and multiple hair dryers I have now found my ONE & ONLY. My husband bought me my Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer in pink for Xmas and I love it so so much. I use it everyday on my medium thin hair and it just gives it the most volume and shine that I never though I could have. It’s amazing and life changing. I now love doing blow drying my hair once lifeless hair. And It’s legit all I have to do for it to look amazing. My mothers hair is similar to mine and I managed to get one for her as well. Thank you so much REVLON. I’m never getting another blower dryer ever. You have got yourself a loyal and lifelong customer now. Ladies and gents you all need this blow dryer in your life. It’s worth the money.

  • Jasmine

• 1207 days ago

Wonderful Product

Received this as a Christmas gift and I love it so far. I don’t have to use a comb/brush while blow drying my hair with a regular blow dryer. With this I am able to use just this one product to get what I am looking for.

  • Ily

• 1211 days ago

Love it! But too heavy

This is wonderful! I had Terri le wrist pain after first use. I’ve gotten better at using it but it’s still quite heavy. I hope that could be improved and I’d be happy to buy a second one that’s how much I love this dryer and how it leaves my hair. I’m always amazed it never tangles up in my very long hair! And it feels so good to brush with it. Please lighten the weight! I’m buying as gifts for my family

  • JAMD

• 1211 days ago

Great Tool

This is the best hair tool I have purchased in a long time. Does everything it advertises. Have recommended to many friends. Would not want to be without it now. The reasonable price is just a bonus.

  • Katie

• 1213 days ago

Great hair dryer

I absolutely love this product! I usually don't blow dry me hair because it is just so thick that it takes way to long and is super frizzy by the time I'm done. I have tried to paddle brush it while drying to reduce frizz and and help straighten it, but I usually give up part way through. This brush/hair dryer combo is amazing! It dries you hair extremely fast and you can use it way easier than trying to use a brush and a blow dryer at the same time! My hair comes out super shiny and straight!

  • Megan

• 1214 days ago

Great but....

I love using mine. I have had it for a month and it makes my routine so much more efficient.... however, mine stopped working after a month. This is really upsetting as I thought for the price it would last a lot longer.

  • Bri

• 1224 days ago


I have several hair tools for my thick wavy mid length hair and this is the best I've ever used. I decided to try it wet hair and it was a game changer, I timed myself and in 23 minutes I was done. Oh! and the price is amazing as well!!

  • Best dryer

• 1226 days ago

Best dryer

This hair dryer is the best I have ever had. I live in Florida and my hair was always kinky and frizzy. After using the dryer it is smooth and silky. Thanks Revlon

  • Elizabeth

• 1230 days ago

Love it.

I got this because I have seen SO many good reviews & people raving about it & they were right. It was totally worth it! I LOVE this product.

  • Genny

• 1234 days ago


I bought this and so glad I did. I have shoulder length hair the is curly/ frizzy. It gave me a wonderful blowout without having to use a hair straightener. The drying time is phenomenally fast.

  • Gwen

• 1308 days ago

The best

I have been seeing this on amazon since the beginning of the summer and have watched some videos about it so I just took the plunge and bought it. I have middle of the back length hair that is thick and takes forever to blow out and then use the flat iron! This one tool make my hair frizz free, soft and perfect. It’s like I went to my hairdresser to have a blow out. I love this product!

  • Nikki

• 1324 days ago

Fantastic Time Saver!!!

I just used the one-step hair dryer and volumizer aka my new hair straightener for the first time. This thing is no joke. It dried and straightened my hair in under 15 minutes. I've never been able to do that! This is amazing product.

  • Bama

• 1329 days ago


This is AMAZING of the charts. My hair is so soft and dried fast, I usually use a hair dryer and straightener and curling iron. This is a one stop shop.....love this❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Monica

• 1330 days ago

Salon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer

Me encanta!!! Amo este cepillo secador!!

  • Kris

• 1635 days ago


I love this thing! I have long wavy hair and this gets it dry, straight and frizz free in 15 minutes. It usually takes an hour!!! Extremely impressed! I will recommend this to everyone!!!

  • Dgarcia92

• 1640 days ago

Thick Hair Problem Solver!

Due to my Hispanic ethnicity, I have thick, wavy hair. And not the cute kind. The constant maintenance and constant battle against humidity (I live in Florida) kind. I was very hesitant on buying this because I’m not a spontaneous shopper. I don’t just buy it because I’m told too. I do my research, watch reviews, read reviews, etc, etc. Well, I finally caved and decided to buy one and try on my own. I am amazed. Utterly amazed. My hair looks like I just paid for a blow out. And it feels soft and silky. And it took me more than half the time to do it. Usually, my routine is wash my hair, air dry it for half the day and then straighten it. No more! I’m so satisfied with a first time purchase and first impression.

  • goodlooks

• 1641 days ago

[email protected]

Wow! My hairdresser suggested I buy this and I am so glad I did. I have beautiful looking professional blowout results. I have very frizzy fine hair and this dryer does not tangle up and it is so easy to use. Thx Revlon.

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