The newest member of the award-winning One-Step™ family, this new two-in-one dryer and straightener leaves hair feeling healthy and soft. Go from damp to straight using one tool, the One-Step™ Air Straight.


Featuring unique air vents on one side and a ceramic tourmaline plate with teeth on the other side, they work together to evenly dry hair while straightening and boosting shine.

New AirPause™ Technology enables you to control airflow with simply a squeeze. When you release the handles, airflow stops. Press them together and the air begins blowing. Drying is faster and more convenient when you don’t have to switch the dryer off and on as you stop to separate sections.


The tool is turned on, but there’s no airflow?

Activate airflow by pressing handles together.

Does this automatically turn off?

No, turn the dial to off and unplug when not in use.

How do I get volume and body?

After you clamp hair, twist your wrist about tool 90 degrees and then pull the hair upwards slowly. You can also pull it straight to the side, horizontally.

How much hair should be in a section?

That depends on the thickness and texture of your hair. Experiment and find what works for you.

What do the 2 glowing indicator lights mean?

 The left light will glow when the tool is turned on, the right light glows when the styling plate is fully heated and ready to style.

Which way should I hold this? With the teeth on the inside or outside?

There’s no wrong way! The results can vary with hair type, texture and thickness, so it’s best to find out what’s best for your hair.

Does this work on short hair?

It’s best on medium or longer hair, but it can dry and straighten chin length hair too.