One-Step™ Volumizer PLUS

86% of 100

New 2.4" Oval Head

Activated Charcoal Pins

Sleek Handle

Added Heat Settings (4 heat settings: low, medium, high, cool)

Detachable Head, Lock-in Head Release Button

Ceramic Titanium Barrel

Tourmaline Ionic Technology

4 year Limited Warranty


One-Step Volumizer PLUS is designed to give you one-step salon quality results…plus some! With 75% shinier blowouts in up to half the time.  Plus, the revolutionary 2.4” oval head size creates even more volume from top to bottom, and lets you blowout beyond – go bold, or add flips, soft waves and more. It’s versatile enough for all hair types. Ceramic Titanium Tourmaline technology works to give you less damage with 50% less heat exposure. Plus, a smooth glide for easy styling, consistent drying and styling, reduced frizz and silky shine. Plus, a longer-lasting motor for 40% longer life. NOW with an added medium heat setting (four settings to choose from: low/med/high/cool. Plus is also travel & storage friendly with a fresh detachable design! The new slimmer & sleeker handle gives you greater styling control. Plus, new charcoal-infused nylon pins provide ultimate drying and styling. 

Dare to go there with Revlon Hair Tools.




4.3 (32) Reviews

32 out of 32 (100%) reviewers recommend this product


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Average Customer Ratings

32 Reviews
  • FlavioG

• 309 days ago

Where is the power reference?

I was to buy it for my wife and there is no indication of the power ANYWHERE! Not in the package nor even on the website! I liked the price, apparently a good value, but this important information absence blocked me to buy

  • Micky

• 313 days ago

Great tool - would love additional attachments

I love this all in one dryer brush! I would love it even more if we could buy separate attachments, including replacement original brushes.

  • Lizzie

• 314 days ago

Please make attachments!

This could be the only tool in the bag if it had attachments. Also, would be great to be able to buy just a replacement head for the one that broke off instead of a whole new device. I’m shopping other ones because of this.

  • Junecrab

• 317 days ago

Love it !!!!!!!

Please make attachments and replacement brush heads. Purchased thinking attachments would be offered!

  • Junecrab

• 317 days ago

Love it !!!!!!!

Please make attachments and replacement brush heads. Purchased thinking attachments would be offered!

  • Momma.Beare

• 331 days ago


Make attachments for this base. I would love a curling iron, a diffuser or something new and creative. I upgraded from the original volume brush in hopes of purchasing attachments for this model. Attachments!

  • Diane

• 353 days ago

Love this!I

I love this tool and use it every time I wash my hair which is every other day. I got a new "lease on life" so to speak when I found this several years ago...BUT the problem is that it appears I can't use it in Europe. Do I understand that correctly? I can't use a converter or adapter with it? Help - this means I can't take it with me and I have to go back to the old-fashioned, pain-in-the-neck methods!

  • max

• 404 days ago

only complaint was the head broke off!

i love this thing. absolutely, i mean it's my favorite and the only hair tool i need. my only problem with it is simply that after about two months of use, the head broke off of the dryer. now i know it comes off normally, but when i tried to reattach it, it only snapped back on halfway. though i still use it daily now, the brush portion hangs from the dryer like a limp arm unless i hold them together. i just wish it was stronger.

  • Alba

• 450 days ago

Best tool ever!!!

I have thin hair with curls, i have tried several products but so far this is the best. I cut down the drying time by half and the hair gets so smooth no freeze, amazing. I have no words to describe how amazing this product is. I live in a tropical island PR and even with humidity the hair is so straight and soft. I have no words…revlon congrats

  • Radhz

• 463 days ago

Love it!

I am loving this product! It works great! But PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEASE make different size heads for it - that would be an absolute game-changer! I'm sure Revlon didn't make the head detachable solely for travel purposes ;⁠)

  • App State Mom

• 479 days ago

Nice but could be better

Works great for volume and straightening. Except for cool all of the settings get pretty hot. Also it would be great if this had options for different size attachments. I have above shoulder length hair and would love a smaller brush attachment I could use with this.

  • Haley

• 480 days ago

Love but needs replacement heads

I love using this and the previous version. I was excited when I saw the head detached because I thought you’d be able to buy new heads without buying a whole new unit. It does make it easier to clean, but don’t most of us replace our brushes more often than we replace our blow dryer?

  • Erica

• 577 days ago


OUAT I used wash, blow dry, and then straighten my hair. The entire process took a ridiculous amount of time. It was PIA and I hated and dreaded doing it. Then I got this. Total game changer! What was once like a 90 minute process is now 12-15 minutes tops. SERIOUSLY?!? And my hair looks Ah-mazing!! Get it. Use it. You will not regret it.

  • Gigi

• 590 days ago

Was pretty good. Until it wasn’t.

I had this for exactly 6 months and really did a great job straightening my hair. It took my about half the time to completely straighten my hair while adding volume. I don’t straighten my hair much so I used it maybe 6-7 times in those 6 months and it broke on me. I’m really upset it broke and for the price I expected it to last at least a year. I’m not sure I will purchase it again. Might be time to go with a more expensive option to ensure it won’t break in a short amount of time.

  • Sangeetha

• 597 days ago


Not bad

  • Katthy

• 614 days ago


Just purchased, tried it --- straighten my hair faster than using the blow dryer, left my hair shiny as well. Also, tried it on family member that has a lot of hair, which is curly and coarse -- Dried faster than using the blow dryer and came out super straight and shiny!!!! I also like that it has a 4 year limited warranty.

  • Icylanes

• 614 days ago

Love it

Makes my full and happy

  • Azalea

• 616 days ago

Professional looking style

This hair dryer is so easy to use and gives volume, smoothness, and soft curl at the same time. It is much easier than trying to style with a round brush and blow dryer.

  • Sandyschaller

• 621 days ago

[email protected]

I have bought 2 volumizer and the brush have lost its shape. Literally It last 6 months and now it doesn't hold the hair. It's an amazing concept but the bush has lost its shape and it doesn't work anymore.

  • Frizzy

• 641 days ago

[email protected]

Revelon, there products have been around for decades. Why? Because the designers are in tune with the ever changing population and the decade they are serving. If you can get the voulemizer at a discounted price,then your in Business. For my natural curly frizzy hair it did straighten it too my likeliness. It was difficult to clean the " lint and hair loss. I love it and would jump hoops to locate and purchase one. Revelon you rock.

  • Lynn

• 663 days ago

Volumizer Plus

I love this brush. Does the styling and drying in one step. I wish there was accessories available...small head and maybe regular dryer attachment. Would be great for travel to have options for hubby to use also.

  • Lynn

• 663 days ago

Volumizer Plus

I love this brush. Does the styling and drying in one step. I wish there was accessories available...small head and maybe regular dryer attachment. Would be great for travel to have options for hubby to use also.

  • tp43

• 671 days ago

One size smaller

Love this, want my bob shorter, and one size smaller for that shorter cut. Love the brush head, just a bit too big, would love changeable heads to add on for all the stages of hair cut growing.

  • Rachel23

• 672 days ago

Worth it

I have Wavy/curly/straight hair, a mixture. Using this and drying my hair while styling it at the same time helps. A LOT! I’m also a momma so knocking out 2birds with 1 stone. It has not burned my hair

  • North Carolina

• 677 days ago

Great styling tool

I highly recommend this product

  • Bren

• 681 days ago

easy to use 1-step volumizer

I have shorter hair & wasn't sure if it would work, but it did a good job~~Only used it a few times and I do like what it does to my Hair! I really recommend it!!

  • ShaynaPoo

• 692 days ago

♥️This Revlon Volumizer

The Revlon Volumizer is the ABSOLUTE BEST hair-dryer-volumizer HANDS DOWN ever created by any hair company. It works perfectly every time I use it & I couldn’t be happier w/ the winning results I get. This Volumizer promotes numerous compliments on how fantastic my hair looks day after day & I couldn’t be happier!

  • Arlyn

• 692 days ago


This tool has changed my life. Drying my long hair was tedious and time consuming. I dreaded having to wash my hair. Now, it literally takes me exactly 4 minutes to gorgeous hair! I’d give it a million stars!

  • CG

• 715 days ago

The best styler on the market!

I already was a huge fan of the original One Step Volumizer and then they finally put out one with a medium heat setting. I love that the brush head is smaller and detachable. I am hoping they will make other attachments then this product would be 10 stars for me!!!

  • Kelly

• 739 days ago

Just as great as the original

I bought it because after cutting my hair short I needed a smaller barrel. It does the trick and the volume lasts for days if you refresh your hair. My only complaint is that we need MORE of this...can we get some accessories since the barrel is removeable? I'd love to see a diffuser, a focus attachment, or any other styling tool to interchange the base and the brush.

  • RileyBaby

• 749 days ago

Absolutely Love

I bought this to hopefully replace all my styling products and it did. It is absolutely amazing. I have baby fine hair and this gives me volume and the softest hair, with no frizz. I love having the detachable brush head. It is so easy to clean and makes traveling a lot easier. I really hope they make different size heads for this. I am hoping for a smaller one. So very easy to use. and lightweight. Best decision I ever made to buy this. Has Cool, Low, Medium and High heat settings. I find low works perfect for my thin hair. So if you are in doubt don't be. You won't be sorry.

  • Tucson Grandma

• 809 days ago

Great Hair Tool Made Even Better

I have several One-Step Volumizers (original and smaller head) and bought the original for each of my daughters. We all LOVE this product, but wished there was a medium heat setting. You read my mind. This hair tool is perfect for travel because it comes apart AND it can be used for spot drying without the oval head attached. The smaller oval head is perfect for chin to shoulder length hair. It’s not too heavy for a perfect & quick hair drying/styling experience.

32 Reviews
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