Holiday Gift Guide for the Interior Design Lover

We’ve all got that friend or family member. Take one step into their personal space, and you instantly know they’ve intentionally styled what you see. Their rooms are a vibe, full of energy and flow. You swear you’ve walked right into a magazine. We love these people in our lives who make our surroundings beautiful, and we want to give them gifts that reflect how much we recognize their passion. So, what to get? Read on for thoughtful ideas that celebrate how fond you are of who they are and how they see the world!

Design is Progressive and Complete: Gifts That Use What’s There

Interior designers look at a room from all the angles, and think about the space progressively. Textures, flow, variation, rhythm, color, lines, and light can all be at play when it comes to design choices. This means you have plenty of opportunities to find a great gift. Anything that layers into the existing palate is a welcomed addition — just pay attention to what is already there. A safe bet is to lean into this existing design, identifying a color or texture or line that is already in place. You now have a cheat sheet for finding something that will only further complement a style, be it through a unique tabletop piece or textiles like throws, pillows, or linens. After all, your loved one is basically telling you what they’d pick out for themselves — because they already have!

Design is Consistent: Gifts That Come as Sets

A simple gift can also come in the form of a set, which introduces continuity in an environment. Decorative bottles, luxury towels, or kitchen pieces are all wonderful options to consider. Take the kitchen, for example. Pulling together standard utensils and serving ware into a set allows a homeowner satisfaction knowing the look is consistent. A good option is OXO Cooking and Baking items. They make for a one stop shop where you can find everything from utensil sets to Glass Bake, Serve & Store sets.  

Design Removes Stress: Gifts for Organizing and Order

The best designed environments recognize that every part of the room – is part of the room. It’s not just what you see, but what you don’t see, that matters. Your interior designer knows finding smart ways to eliminate clutter increases calm and introduces much welcomed order. And when it comes to it, OXO Cleaning & Organization solutions are spot on. They offer lots of great options for gift giving, including clever food storage containers. Their POP technology creates an airtight seal while the streamlined aesthetic is perfect for the most updated of kitchens, both in the Good Grips and Steel collections. 

Design Everything: Gifts That Clean Air

Once everything is tucked away, we’re still left with an often-overlooked element of design. A designed experience is not only what you do and don’t see, but it’s also what you breathe. You can help your favorite designer level up this holiday with a sleek air purifier that does it all. Not only will The Honeywell Designer HEPA Tower for Medium/Large rooms create a space you and your guests can enjoy being in, filtered for dust and other non-living allergens, but it comes with a perfectly placed essential oils tray. This sleek air purifier packs a punch. It allows your interior designer a way to thoughtfully create a space where everyone can breathe easier, and allows stress-reducing and relaxing essential oil diffusion. All in one unit. 

Design Involves Resources: Gifts Go Digital

Today’s world also allows for lots of digital solutions when it comes to interior design. If you’re still not confident that you can pick the perfect gift, consider a subscription to any number of online platforms that bring a designer’s vision to life. You can find everything from color matching tools to virtual room designers. If you know someone with advanced skills that might be looking to design for others, you can always get them started with software that allows designing, drafting, and precision drawings to take design to the next level.

As you head into the holiday, be confident that your favorite interior designer is no longer an impossible task to shop for. You can show how much you appreciate them with an intentional gift that represents their intentional passions.